Edible Buffalo looking for ‘Local Heroes’: Food, like politics, is local

Edible Buffalo, the sixth New York State Edible Communities magazine, is a great introduction to the regional foods and tastemakers of Western New York.

BEHIND THE KITCHEN DOOR: To earn real cook’s stripes, you have to survive your baptism by fire – or wok

For the beginning restaurant cook, there’s no better feeling than finishing the first disaster-free shift, as Jacob Drum explains

Open season on Farmers Markets: Browsing the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market, Buffalo N.Y.

It was early in the season, but cherries, raspberries, strawberries, beets, radishes, and herbs were at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market, Buffalo N.Y.

Will Bourdain shuffle off to Buffalo?

Anthony Bourdain, originally uploaded by arandanos. Speaking of Ulrich’s, local rocker Nelson Starr‘s video attempt to lure Anthony Bourdain is one of four finalists. In an attempt to bait Bourdain into bringing his “No Reservations” show for the Travel Channel to the Queen City, Starr, under the direction of local filmmaker John Paget, spotlighted Ulrich’s [...]

Alton Brown: The Interview

Alton Brown had lots to say in a candid interview – but then again, the “Good Eats” czar and “Iron Chef” fixture also insisted he is not a Food Network star.

Event: Niagara Falls, March 7 – The art of beer

It’s a festival of beer and beer culture in Niagara Falls to help raise money for the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center.

Gimme mo’: Vosges’ bacon chocolate

You’ve got your bacon in my chocolate. (Photo by Lauren Maynard). Lauren Newkirk Maynard is an editor and food writer in Buffalo Move over, Britney. Now that Halloween’s sugar high has worn off, it’s time for a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar. It’s 41 percent cacao (that’s milk chocolate to the rest of us) with a [...]

Interview: Calvin Trillin – One hell of an eater

For decades, Calvin Trillin, writing in The New Yorker,has made people famished for dishes they never even knew existed. But he’s no food writer, he insists.

Good Things: Natural meats and poultry

Here’s the list I compiled of local sources for naturally-raised meat. Natural, as in no fed hormones or antibiotics. There may be more, but these are the ones I know about. Hanova Hills Farms, Forestville: Natural beef. Order packages, quarters or halves from the farm (965-2249). Also sells at Lexington Co-op and Bidwell Farmer’s Market. [...]

Odds and Ends: One step forward

That’s odd. I should be thrilled the team has won one of the four series it would need for the National Hockey League championship that would mean so much to this city. The Sabres probably will play the New York Rangers in the second round, and should be able to beat that team too.